Calvin and Hobbes and Sims

(Calvin and Hobbes via Bill Watterson)

I was wrong.

Some people don’t have bucket lists.

I attempted to interview one of my friend’s boyfriends, but he could only name becoming a science teacher as being on his bucket list. When I pressed him for why, he only shrugged noncommittally.

“I used to want to be a writer,” he said. “And then a baker, and then a whole bunch of other things, and now I want to be a science teacher.”

Somehow, I have a trifling notion that even this one item of his might transform. He says simply, he hasn’t really ever thought about it.


(Calvin and Hobbes via Bill Watterson)


My brother is the same, but I don’t really believe him. I think he just enjoys exasperating me. He argues what makes a bucket list any different from any other list of things he might like to do? And despite my many attempts of explanation, he just shakes his head and says he doesn’t have one. He’s a stubborn bull of a brother, that one.

Anyway, giving him the benefit of the doubt and others out there, I guess some of you don’t actually have bucket lists.

This needs to change.

In the Sims 2, when you make a Sim, you have to choose an aspiration for them that will shape all of their wants and fears. Children aspire to Grow Up, which involves making friends and having fun and going to school. Family Sims want to have lots of children or pets or be close to their families. Those who pursue Knowledge look to master many skills and may even get visited by aliens. Popularity is about friends and parties, Fortune wants wealth and prosperity, and Romance Sims aspire to be Casanovas (though hopefully none of their paramours cross paths, unless you like creating lots of drama in your game. Confession: I do; it’s like an episode of Maury.)

So, what kind of Sim would you be? I always end up making myself a Family or Knowledge Sim. I think that fits in fairly well with my bucket list.

What would you want if you were that kind of Sim? See three of your children get married or read every Newberry Award winner? Have 20 best friends or be on the Forbes list or kiss a man/woman/llama in each country you visit? Once you know what kind of Sim you are, there’s your basic guide.

Oh, yes, there’s also Grilled Cheese aspiration Sims. I think Hobbes would approve.


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