Age: 22
Hometown: Ronkonkoma, NY

Kim has just graduated college with a BA in journalism. Gregarious, witty, and adventurous, it’s not a surprise that her bucket list includes both philanthropy and exploring the world. As my roommate, I always noticed her dressed in perfect mix of colorful and chic, polished off with a cute headband and eye-catching earrings.  She was captain of the tennis team at our hipster artsy college, a paradoxical feat. It’s impossible to not catch Kim’s contagious laughter as we find ourselves on fun adventures wherever we go. I’m going to miss meeting her for our weekly coffee dates! But I know Kim’s going to do crazy, amazing, insane things with her life and I can’t wait to see her fill her brilliant bucket.

–       Do one stint in the Peace Corps. Preferably Africa, because it would be the biggest culture shock.

–       Develop the ideal wardrobe. Simple, elegant, business professional and business casual. Be able to go to work and then transition to going out afterwards

–       Learn to swing dance

–       “I want to interior design a house but I don’t want a house. I don’t want to put down roots anywhere; I want to be constantly moving.”

–       Live on another continent, probably Western Europe, but also travel to places that would be a culture shock.

–       Learn another language – took Hausa (Nigerian language) last semester, but the only word remembered, is ‘kujèèr.aa’, which means chair.

–       Work for a non-profit

–       “I have two goals for having a dog – one, a collie, and two, name him Melon so he’ll be Melon the Collie.” Also have one of those giant dogs. “I’ll be able to ride him around the house.”

–       Be in Times Square at midnight on New Years Eve. “There’s only a few more years I can hack that”, otherwise when she’s older, would rather have a time-share apartment overlooking Times Square.

–       “Play tennis the rest of my life. It’s been so positive, I never want to stop.” If disgustingly rich, have own tennis courts.

–       Be disgustingly rich.

–       Ride a motorcycle, whether it’s driving it or being on the back.

–       “I would say climb a mountain, but I kind of just want to go hiking.”

–       If must get married, marry a rich man with a beautiful accent – “I don’t care what he looks like, I just have to listen to him speak.”

–       One day have a job that requires hiring an intern to order to do things. Aka, an underling.


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