A Splash in Summer Buckets


summer throwback. can’t wait for beach days!

Today and yesterday have been steamy, sultry, sweltering snapshots of summer, lingering just days and weeks ahead of us. I have embraced my sundresses wholeheartedly, as I would very much like to pretend I live in a New York without fall and winter spoiling all my swishy skirt and bare-leg ambition. With the view outside my window saturated with green leaves and grass, it’s tantalizing to forget for a moment that there are any other seasons.

But as George RR Martin has pounded into our heads, winter is always coming, my sweet summer children.

Now, while some may say that’s a cynical glass-half-empty sort of statement, I think it means we have to make the most of these beautiful days. Chances are that you’re not living in Hawaii and therefore blessed with everyday looking like the picture on a postcard. No, chances are you have to deal with winter too.

In ancient Japan, they would compose countless haikus on the fleeting beauty of nature. Many poets wrote heart-aching prose on the transience of the flowering trees, connecting it to the brevity of our own time on earth.

“Between our two lives
there is also the life of
the cherry blossom.”
 – Matsuo Basho

I’m not saying we should all echo Basho and write a million poems this summer. Unless that’s your style. I’m saying note and savor each day. Fill this summer with all the goofy, awesome fun that you want. Do all the things that were in your summers when you were a kid, like get ice cream from the truck (it always tastes better that way, anyway) and go on the meanest, tallest, scariest water slides you can find. Or do something else, like make a mojito from scratch and get an impulsive piercing. I don’t know, love, it’s your life. Live it!

Yes, my darlings. I’m proposing you write… a mini-bucket list! Just for this summer! My friend Alyson writes to-do lists every summer, and they’re filled with such enthusiasm. Visit museums, concerts, go row boating, finish books, have dim sum and bubble tea, go to the zoo, and of course, become a beach bum, were all on her list last year.

I have some pretty ambitious plans, myself.

Should you need more prompting reminiscent of a certain fairy telling you to ‘look, listen’ and do something fun during the next three months of sunny skies, check out the Happy Family Movement. They’re hosting a challenge on their site and giving away prizes! Follow the button at the end to see.



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