Inspiration 5.25.13

Hello bucket buccaneers! If you’re in the northeast, I hope you’re all staying afloat this weekend, though it’s tempting to start gathering two and two of every animal and build an ark. It’ll be summer faster than we can blink. But to tide you over this weekend, here are some lovely links.



the drenched view outside

Remember how I said try something new to eat? I think formidable artichokes are my next culinary adventure.

Okay, so it’s totally years away, but I really want to have a baby book club with my future little bookworms.

Self-awareness, coping skills and reflection are good life expectations for everyone.

I’m obsessed with this! Humans of New York is an amazing insight into the lives around us. His look into Tehran is equally mesmerizing.

As a journo nerd and future world traveler, I geeked out seeing what Nellie Bly took with her on her famous trip.

When I was in middle school, being a Disney Princess at Disney World was on my bucket list. This woman pulls it off way better than I could.

Live your life like the starfish thrower.

Here’s a good way to brighten someone’s day! I love this cheerful idea of leaving bright and happy rocks for people to find.

Maybe creating a historically accurate Disney movie could be on your bucket list? I’d see it.

Your bucket list dream house needs a uniquely awesome bed.


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