Inspiration 6.02.13

Rain all last weekend and now a heatwave this weekend. Got to love that New York weather! Summertime always makes me feel suddenly super busy, like the sleepiness of winter hibernation has finally worn off. This year in particular, is busier than usual! But if you’re not full of things to do morning to night, here are this week’s links to get into the bucket list rhythm.


I love this! A simple way to start seven common goals!

If you love cats, Cat Island should be on your bucket list.

I plan on posting about the concept of an “unbucket” list next week, but Sarah of Yes and Yes has already got hers!

Here’s one for the stomach bucket list – edible flowers.

A common bucket list item is living in New York City… I wouldn’t want to wind up in any of these places, though!

Different people’s fridges are just as fascinating as their lists.

I don’t know how you get this job as a fake panda that plays with real pandas, but I want it.

Or just to go on panda playgrounds. Either one, really.

Just kidding, I want this job as a real life superhero. Adding superheroes into famous scenes in history is just as awesome.

Speaking of historical, something old in this wedding is especially lovely.




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