Name: Abby
Hometown: Westchester, NY
Age: 11
Favorite show: Full House


Abby is about to finish fifth grade and embark on that rather bewildering and disagreeable period of life known as middle school. But she’s a clever kid, one that easily meets the jibes of her older siblings with sassy retorts and a quick smile. She loves drawing and playing with her two cats and her mammoth of a golden retriever. To my terrible embarrassment, Abby can beat me at any card game (let’s not dwell on the fact that she’s half my age). If she could have a superpower, she would want to be able to fly. There are a lot of entitled, bratty kids in my town, but Abby is surprisingly selfless, along with imaginative and wise beyond her years.

–       Squish grapes with her feet like in the movies

–       Be in one of those gerbil balls that can go on the top of water so you can walk on water

–       Go on a safari

–       Open up a gluten-free bakery named Lunchbox, “with a world famous recipe and everyone will want it”

–       Ride a jetpack

–       “Have a really cool design on my nails. Like, the Power Puff Girls.”

–       Be an elementary school teacher

–       Have two dogs and a cat, and name the dogs Milo and Otis

–       Travel the whole world

–       Go to Disney World and Disney Land in the same month

–       Make a cartoon, one that will be on TV, either with animals or superheroes.

–       Put a security camera on Christmas Eve, “because I know it’s not true, but I want to see how parents make it all secretive”

–       Have a tree house. “I want to build one that’s actually in a tree. A lot of people have ones not in trees.”

–       “Stick my head out on the highway. Go so fast it’s like a rollercoaster.”

–       Design a clothing line, with sundresses and shirts that have animals saying funny stuff on them

–       See every room in the White House. “That’d be cool because there are rooms not open to the public”

–       Make a zip line between two houses. “Like if you live next to your best friend, you can zip line to her house.”

–       Learn how to ride a unicycle.

–       Ride an elephant.

–       Ride with dolphins in the ocean.

–       “Make an art piece and then it gets into a museum. Like a painting.”

–       Have a reaaaaally big garden, with a stream or a pond, and a bridge over it and flowers around it.

–       Build an ultimate [game of] Twister. The hardest [game of] Twister ever.

–       Ride the fastest water slide

–       Win a free vacation to Hawaii

–       “Build my dream house. I wouldn’t pay builders. Me and other people would actually build it.”

–       See all the animals in the world

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