The Unbucket List

One thing I’ve seen while I’m interviewing my friends is that they’ll come up with things they definitely DON’T want to do, or would be okay not putting in their bucket. I categorize these things as being on the “unbucket list”.

How I feel about my unbucket list items

How I feel about my unbucket list items

So now we’ve got bucket list items, unbucket list items, and life expectations (things that don’t go in your bucket list because it’s such an obvious given that you’ll accomplish them)

I think it’s good to know what limits you have, even though it’s good to push past some of the things that scare you. But if it’s something that 100 percent absolutely doesn’t excite you or makes you feel like you’ve swallowed a particularly ornery spider and it’s crawling around your insides, well then, leave that one for the unbucket list.

It’s hard to think of my unbucket list items off the top of my head. I feel open to many things! I would love to travel to places like Africa, Cambodia, North Korea, and Iran. So those aren’t on the list. And there are plenty of things that I’m more “meh, I’ll do them if they come around”, rather than kneejerk abhorrence. Like I don’t really care if I ever go to Vegas, but if it happens, it happens.

But here’s what I’ve got.

–       Go on a cruise

I’d rather go and explore places on my own rather than be stuck on a boat! Also, I don’t like all that gluttony and opulence I associate with cruises. Let me go do my own thing!

–       See a scary movie or anything with zombies

Yes, I think I could go the rest of my life without watching another scary movie.

–       Have a big wedding/a diamond ring

I think for myself, a huge wedding would feel like a waste of money, and I wouldn’t want a big to-do and all that attention. I’d rather do something intimate and quirky. And diamond rings make me sad because of the horrible labor conditions and use of child workers.

–       Fly a plane

Nah, I’m good. The professionals can handle that one.

–       Have a huge house

I want the cozy little cottage from Matilda! A big place would be too hard to keep clean and track of – and it would feel too decadent.

–       Be on reality television

Urgh. Reality TV makes me question the fate of humanity. If someone offered me a job on a reality show, I would say absolutely not, and never speak to them again. Unless it was the Joe Schmo Show.

–       Go to a rave

…Or one of those crazy parties where everyone destroys their liver and grinds up on each other. I was born in the wrong era. I was meant to be a Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, instead I’m living in a Kesha and Lindsay Lohan world.

–       Live somewhere far from water

I need the ocean relatively close. Even if I can’t see it, I like knowing it’s there.

–       Bungee jump

Noooooo, thank you.

What’s on your unbucket list?


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