Inspiration 06.09.13

Good morning on this summery, shining Sunday! I always get confused to whether the week begins anew with Sunday. Monday we all go back to our little ant mounds of work, and Sunday is considered part of the weekend, but calendars always start with Sunday on the left. Wikipedia seems to have conflicting views on this important matter. Regardless, hopefully you can rest today and enjoy the sunshine if your weather permits! Personally, I’m slogging through this morning – got up at 6 yesterday and 8 today. I’m a morning person, really, but sometimes I have to kick myself into remembering that. Anyway, here are some lovely links for your weekend!



Camping is nearly on my unbucket list, but maybe I’d survive with some of these innovative hacks!

As a foodie and nutrition junkie, this rainbow food poster is awesome

Trover is like photo geocaching! It’s so fun to punch in your zip code and discover little hidden wonders right out your front door.

100 Years of Style makes me want a time machine, just for the fashions!

And I’d definitely make a stop in 1969 at this groovy high school.

I talked about my little dream English cottage this week. This flickr album is gorgeous inspiration.

My inner journalist is drooling at this utterly fascinating GQ piece on Kim Jong Il’s personal sushi chef.

Your art muse of the week – People in Order, four videos showing people from various stages of age, pregnancy, love (relationship length), and homes (salary amount).

I wear a lot of black – a fashion bucket list challenge might be to add lots of color! These people rock the rainbow!

And self-appreciation and love should always be part of your bucket list or expectation. Here’s 24 dates to take yourself on.




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