Late post today! Why? Well, unfortunately for Brilliant Buckets, there is going to be a slight hiatus/slowing down of all of my fabulously boring posts on bucket list advice.

Instead, for the next five and a half weeks, I am gallivanting across five European countries with my best friend.

Bucket list worthy?

You bet.

I’ve saved up for this since high school, when I dreamed of going to college in Florence. I never got around to studying abroad, and the most exotic locations I’ve been to are Puerto Rico and Breckenridge, Colorado. Otherwise, this New York native has only called upon all New Yorker’s second home and nest, Florida.

So the amazing Jes and I will be trekking to parts unknown, if only unknown to me. I’m putting not pebbles in my bucket list, but huge boulders with every breath I take across the Atlantic.

I’m terrified and exhilarated and humbled and hopeful all at once.

We’re going to run down roads that were carved centuries before America was in its cradle. We’re going to eat and speak and live five different cultures.

Right now we’re flying over Greenland. Greenland! In 2 and a half hours we touch down in Reykjavik, Iceland and then I will post this. Also, planning a trip to Reykjavik teaches you how to spell Reykjavik flawlessly. Added bonus or future question answered if I’m ever on Jeopardy.

I will keep this blog updated as I go about filling up my bucket! So the posts might get a little haphazard for the next month, but I’m still going to bring you a few bucket lists to tide you over.

Besides, the pretty pictures I take should be a more than sufficient substitute!

I’m sure we’ll make little mistakes and things will go wrong. But we’re in Europe! Time to go with the way the waters go, and embrace adventure.

When you’ve worked this hard for something on your bucket list, it’s worth it a million times over.

Love always,


4 thoughts on “Iceland

  1. So, so thrilled for you. You’re living an absolute dream right now… totally living vicariously through you for the next month 😉 Okay, I won’t do that – if your blog’s taught me anything, it’s to go out and live! So, that I’ll do. Here in New Jersey 😛

    I know you’ll make the most of this trip. I have no doubt in my mind about that. Love you lots, Gaby! Find some handsome Icelandic men, okay? ❤

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