Accomplished: Ride a horse, see a spouting geyser, and more!


In the two full days that Jes and I have been in Reykjavik, we’d accomplished a surprising amount! Yesterday we went on the Golden Circle tour, where we saw a spouting geyser (one of only three in the world), a waterfall with a rainbow known as Gullfoss, and stood between the North American and European tectonic plates.

We also went to one of the malls here in Reykjavik and got totally lost figuring out our way there and back! Our hostel is super nice, but slightly out of the ways, which wouldn’t be inconvenient if I wasn’t allergic to the cold!

Today we went horseback riding on Icelandic horses, which are a unique breed, and explored downtown Reykjavik. I’ve never been horseback riding aside from a fair pony ride as a little tyke! And now my butt and legs are super sore! Downtown Reykjavik is beautiful – we stumbled upon some really crazy graffiti and a little playground/skate park.

Right now we’re getting ready to meet this couple from Florida at a bar downtown. We met them last night at our hostel bar, where we drank free wine supplied by the hostel’s opening party. Like I said, the hostel is very nice. Right now I can hear some German travelers in the kitchen. Everyone has been very friendly, despite some of our very American blunders.

One thing I’m learning is to go with the flow and make adjustments. Because of my food allergies, I get very scared when I think I might not be able to find anything to eat. I also worry, because I tend to not eat much while traveling, so I’m going to lighten up on workouts and focus on just getting enough calories to keep me going! This hostel luckily has a kitchen and I’m supplied with snacks and things we got at the supermarket yesterday. Luckily, gluten-free foods seem a lot more prevalent here than in most American places (outside of Westchester, Fairfield County, and NYC, that is). I discovered today that our next hostel doesn’t have a kitchen and got a little upset/freaked out, but I looked up the closest groceries and there is one 400 feet from the hostel.

Also, America really needs to switch over to the metric system. I know km – miles roughly from running and I know military time easily, but Celsius and meters really trip me up! Also, Iceland uses the krona, and 2,000 krona is only 33 dollars for example! It’s very weird to hear your bill for something be 1,645!!!

Anyway, socialization time!

Also, it doesn’t get dark here… it was 2am last night and looked like a cloudy 7pm in NY!!!

Love always,

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