Accomplished! Geothermal pools and Vikings!


Yesterday Jes and I went to the Blue Lagoon, which a totally touristy thing to do in Iceland but everyone assured us we had to do it. Iceland is full of geothermal pools in every town, and if I had those hot tubs maybe I could survive the long cold winter too!

The water was this almost glowing, milky aqua blue. Once you were in it, you couldn’t see your body or hands beneath the water. Jes and I covered our faces with this lava rock scrub, and submerged ourselves in the balmy salt waters.

My idea of heaven!

We came back to our hostel and met people in the kitchens as I cooked and partook in a traditional Icelandic barbecue. Jes had the lamb and potatoes, good Icelandic fare!

And everyone at the hostel is extremely friendly and amazing.

Like this couple we met from Virginia/Florida. They came here to elope and Jes, being a photography expert, took their wedding photos this morning!

We took the ferry to Videy Island with the Icelandic Viking priest and the people who work/run the hostel, who are extremely sweet too. So we trekked to the top of this grassy knoll on this little island and the priest did this beautiful little ceremony with a Viking horn filled with beer and the bride and groom were so lovely. Ah, I actually cried.

We had waffles on the island and then tried to go to Iceland’s uh… Phallological Museum but it was closed because tomorrow is Icelandic Independence Day from Denmark.


Then we took the bus (no mishaps this time!) to Hafnarfjörður where there was the annual Viking festival! So much fun! Going to a renaissance faire has always been on my bucket list, so an Icelandic Viking Festival kind of counts! There was a fierce battle and they really tussled and roared and gave each other a good smacking with real swords and shields.

What else? We went to check out the downtown Iceland scene but both of us and the other travelers were surprised to learn that Iceland doesn’t get really super wild until about 2 am! However, we still had a great time wandering Reykjavik and the busy nightlife at this extremely popular bar with the Big Leboski as its theme. And my friends all tried the Icelandic hot dogs which put our dirty water NY hot dogs to the test.

I’m going to miss quaint, accidentally hipster Reykjavik. The pretty Scandinavian people and their unpronounceable street names, along with their kaffi and krona. And it’s going to be very strange to experience night time again!

Anyway, about to pass out! Goodnight!



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