Name: Rebecca
Age: 15
Hometown: Westchester, NY
Favorite Color: Orange
Current Obsession: Watercolor Painting


Someone once described Rebecca to me as, “Rebecca is ALWAYS happy.” And while maybe that’s hyperbole, I have never seen Rebecca without her boundless enthusiasm, optimism, and her hunger to experience the most out of life. She seems to do way more than possible to fit in the scant 24 hours of a day. She’s in almost every club at school, plays stellar piano (but hates Chopin), does stage crew, manages the basketball team, reads all sorts of literature, AND has time to be friends with practically everyone ever. Whew. I frequently say that she is a future president of the United States. And Rebecca would absolutely have my vote.

–       Visit all 50 states – Have done 11 so far. “Definitely my number one. I want to get a picture with a t-shirt of the state front of the welcome sign and make a collage”

–       Go scuba diving in the Caribbean

–       “I want to go New Zealand to visit my friend from when I was 10 years old. I want to see all the sheep. It’s a really pretty place too.”

–       Go on a cruise to Alaska

–       Go on safari in Africa

–       Make a scrapbook of every year of high school life and college.

–       Get married and have three kids

–       “Learn Yiddish. How cool would that be? ‘Oh, what can you speak?’ I can speak English, French, and Yiddish.”

–       “Have a house where every room is a different theme. There’ll be a room when you enter, it’s like surfboards and then each surfboard has a kid’s name, with little hooks so they can hang up their bags and jackets and stuff.”

–       Watch a meteor shower

–       Invent the blow-up foldout cello. “A little bag, right? Then you can blow it up and fold, you know, like a beach ball, and then there’s a hole and strings and it’s a cello. “

–       Fall asleep on the beach. “Just go out, watch the sunset, and just fall asleep”

–       Write a book, probably science-fiction

–       Live in Maryland. “I’d rather make New York more of a vacation than it is now and I feel like Maryland still gets snow, it’s really nice in the summer and there’s water all around you, and you can go on a boat and you’re not far from DC. I just really like Maryland. Or Savannah, Georgia. It’s like a storybook town.”

–       Go out of the country – “Canada does not count”

–       Go to Brazil during Carnival.

–       Be an organic chemist and create own makeup line. “Everyone uses it. I like science and makeup and chemistry”

–       Take a class in movie makeup and learn to do masks and vibrant effects

–       “I want a dog really badly. Just one that I find very, very adorable and isn’t annoying”

–       Live in an apartment in the city (Manhattan) after college. “I feel like I can learn most of my life lessons in the city, like how to take care of myself. It’s a good place to learn.”

–       Be a Florida Gator (attend University of Florida)

–       Go crowd-surfing. “My mom wouldn’t let me. She was just like, knowing you, you’re going to get hurt.”

–       Beating someone fairly at chess – “I have no clue how to play chess.”

–       “I want everyone I know to write me a letter. And I want to keep every single letter. It could be about anything, anyone, their life story; it could be short, it could be long, anything.”

–       Do NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month.

–       “Produce Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway. It hasn’t been done.”

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