Name: Evan
Age: 20
Hometown: Westchester, NY
Coveted Superpower: To fly
If he lived in Avatar he’d: be an Earthbender


Evan has been one of my friends since high school, where we were shy, bumbling, and awkward together. We worked summers at our town’s day camp, blistering in the summer sun, enduring endless eternal bus rides, and for Evan, dodging my little campers swarming him. He reminds me of a lovable puppy – goofy in the best way possible, always smiling, and fiercely loyal to his friends. Since our thorny high school days, Evan’s really grown into an impressive person that I’m proud to call my friend. He stands straight and tall, and moves with the smooth confidence of a man who knows what he wants from life and is not afraid to face it head on.

–       Go on tour with a band. “That’s definitely my number one.  Even just a band I start. It doesn’t have to be any popular band, just with a bunch of friends – play music, on tour, on a bus, for weeks. Be gross and smelly.”

–       “Learn to sing because I can’t.”

–       Release a AAA game. “I don’t want to be programmer; I want to be the designer behind it. RPGs are definitely one of my favorite things to design because there is so much that goes into it; there’s a lot to do. Maybe a class based game, because of the different characters to design.”

–       Go to Tokyo, for both the technology and culture. “I want to see, oh what’s over on this side of the world?”

–       Go to Hawaii; learn to surf  – “not necessarily a bucket list item, but something I want to learn eventually. Maybe not in this life, maybe my next one, but definitely surfing. Maybe not the whole surfer attitude with the long wavy hair, no shirt, the weird beads all over myself. ”

–       Go to Sydney and the rest of Australia, camp out in the outback with friends

–       Go to Germany for Beerfest, aka Oktoberfest, “because why not?”

–       Learn two languages: Japanese and ASL

–       Road trip from the East Coast to the West Coast with a bunch of friends and go along Route 66. “We’ll stop at all the local places, find weird food challenges, and all of the cheesy sights that everyone should see. It’s seeing the country for what it actually is. We’re seeing the entire country. Just get a group of your best friends and go. See what the United States is, without the tour. I want to be the tourist in my own country for once.”

–       Take a vacation with entire group of friends.

–       Own a corgi and a black lab at the same time. “I’m all about dogs. I love dogs; I love my black lab. I’ve grown up with them so I can’t see myself not getting one in the future. And I think corgis are absolutely hilarious and adorable. The corgi is going to be the comic relief of my life. Name them Waffles and Syrup. I was going to get a black lab corgi mix and name it McGriddle, but I thought that was going a little overboard. Three dogs… I can’t take care of three. I don’t want to be the crazy dog guy.”

–       End up in California – “That’s where I want to be – an apt in SoCal, with two dogs, walking on the beach, and just live the life. And then probably convince all my friends to move out there with me. Because I don’t want to leave them.”

–       If game design doesn’t work out, get into animal psychology

–       If game design AND animal psychology don’t work out, get into the National Guard, Coast Guard, or Air Force. “If I cannot flourish as a person in the business world, at least let me do something productive for someone else.”

–       Have dream car: a 1969 cherry red mustang. “It’s classic, it’s American, it’s all I need”

–       Be an extra in a movie

–       Have a family; just be happy. No laundry list of details for a soul mate – “As long as being in their presence is enjoyable, that’s all I ask for.”

–       Maybe try voice acting, “for a movie or a show, or even a video game; that would be totally awesome.”

–       Fly a fighter plane. “Both my grandfathers fought in World War II, and flying has always been a dream of mine. I’ve already taken flight lessons and I don’t really like commercial planes or small private planes. It definitely would have to be a fighter, like a raptor or an F-16; those are what actually intrigue me the most. The day an Iron Man suit is purchasable, I will invest all my money in it. I will drop my house; drop everything just to own one of those. A personal flight suit that allows me to fly anywhere in less than an hour, that’s okay with me. ”


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