Name: Renee
Age: 21
Hometown: Westchester, NY
Unbucket list: Anything where dying is a possibility


Renee has always been one of the most artsy and unique people I know. We made up a fake band in high school called We Eat Legwarmers where she played a completely nuts guitarist by the name of Spatz. Aside from our obviously awesome craziness, Renee is also an incredible artist. She would decorate other students’ blank white sneakers in brilliant designs that you’d have to pay a few hundred dollars for in a store. Now Renee is going into her last year at the renowned New School in Manhattan. She looks at the world with a mix of wry humor, eagerness for adventure, and clever quirkiness that will lead her down offbeat paths both strange and amazing. And I don’t think she’d have it any other way.

–       Take a year and spend a week in every state, road tripping.

–       “I want to go everywhere”

–       “Visit Russia and Ukraine and get a better feel for where my family is from. I’ve never been.”

–       “Own my own business. I have no idea how, but I want to. I’d really like something artsy, like an advertising firm or designing.”

–       Race someone in a nice car, preferably a McLaren. “I want to gun it.”

–       Swim with dolphins

–       “One day, I want to help something give birth. I don’t know, an animal or a person, but something. I want to experience the miracle of life.”

–       If getting a tattoo, would consist of: the phrases ‘this too shall pass’, ‘know thyself’; an octopus, and “a drawing I did of a buck skull where the antlers turn into trees”

–       Have a chameleon that changes color. “I used to really want a snake. I kind of still do, so I only thought of snake names. I was either going to name it Nagini or Dumpling.”

–       Learn to sing one day. “I’m a terrible singer, awful, just heinous. Maybe just learn a few songs and improve my range, so that I can surprise my future husband at our twentieth anniversary. I don’t know.”

–       Get married, and maybe have a destination wedding

–       “When I get older I want to be like my great grandpa. Bless him because he has the most incredible passion for life that I’ve ever seen in anybody. I mean yeah, he’s old, but at the same time, he loves life. He enjoys every meal he has; he is loud and fun and just appreciative. He told us that his goal for the rest of his life is to see me get married and my sister graduate college. So that gives him like a minimum of another ten years. I was like, ‘yeah, Grandpa!’ And I hope he does.”

–       “Raise a kid and see how they come out.”

–       Pass on family heirloom that only goes to the oldest daughter. “I really want to pass it on and not have to fork it over to my sister’s daughter. God forbid that happens – somehow I only pop out boys. It’s this little diamond ring that my great grandma got from her mom and she had to smuggle it into the country. If you were emigrating from the Soviet, you weren’t allowed to bring anything that was worth more than a certain amount. So she hid it in her bra and smuggled it in. I have never worn it because I am terrified. You know, I don’t really lose things, but God forbid that it’s the one thing that you lose.”

–       Retire to the French countryside. “I mean, live and get assimilated with the people, and have my own vegetable garden, some old people shit like that.”

–       Thus, also learn to speak French better.

–       Be on an episode of a cooking show, like Chopped

–       Set a world record. “I don’t care what it is; it could be anything. It could be the dumbest thing ever. Invent something, I don’t know.”

–       “This will take a long time, but have a beautiful apartment in Manhattan. A nice, expensive one, with a lot of space. That then I could live in for at least quite some time, even when I’m married. Big enough for that. I kind of have accepted that I like really populated areas. I like being in the city even though it’s congested and dirty and smelly – I like it. It’s exciting.”

–       Run a race. “I would say doing a triathlon would be cool, but I can’t ride a bike, so that’s kind of a problem.”

–       Get in really good shape, and be really healthy. “I want people to be like, ‘wow, you look like you work out’.”

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