Name: Jes
Age: 20
Hometown: Westchester, NY
Favorite Food: My mom’s spaghetti and meatballs with my grandma’s sauce
Superpower: Read minds; teleportation


Jes isn’t a stranger on Brilliant Buckets – you’ll recognize her as my vivacious best friend who traipsed across Europe with me! Though she’s too tough on herself, Jes is a beam of pure sunshine shining on the rest of the world. She’s laughter and warmth, as she tries to capture life’s fleeting beauty in the snapping of her camera lens. If you’re in trouble, Jes is there, before you even think to ask. She has the craziest knack for remembering the exact date of obscure events and as you can see, does pretty incredible things with make-up. She also watches entirely too much television, even the cheesiest shows. But that’s more proof of her genuine nature. Jes happens to be a believer. She believes in happy ever afters for everyone, beyond the TV screen.

–       Make candy sushi

–       Visit all 50 states. Completed 23 so far, and three continents.

–       Visit all seven continents. Do South America and Antarctica in one fell swoop. Go to Panama to see both oceans

–       See the Great Wall of China.

–       Road trip across the United States. The World’s Largest Sandwich or Yogurt cup. Random crap like that would be so fun to see.

–       See the Northern Lights. “I’ve been to five places that have the Northern Lights, but never at the right time.”

–       Drink beer at Oktoberfest; “I don’t even like beer.”

–       Mardi Gras in New Orleans

–       “I want to throw a dart on a map and just go where it lands”

–       On that note, “throw a dart at a wall and whatever it lands on, get a tattoo. I’d have to make sure it has a lot of tattoos I’d want.”

–       Have a photo in National Geographic magazine. “One of my Africa photos probably.”

–       Publish my own photo book. “Probably of my family. They don’t like how I portray them. They were beautiful photos, but not beautiful photos of them. Now they shut off when I take photos, but it’s the first body of work I’m really proud of.”

–       Go on a romantic date

–       Fall in love and have kids. “At least three, I want to say. It depends on what we’d decide together. I wouldn’t have more than five.”

–       Conquer a fear. “I don’t have anything specific, but everyone’s afraid of something.”

–       Ride a mechanical bull at a bar, while wearing a cowboy hat

–       Fire a gun

–       Be a movie or TV show extra (for Buffy or Charmed if they were still on air!)

–       “Get to my goal weight and do a shopping spree of really tiny clothes. And then I’m going to feast. I’m an eater and I’ve always been an eater – that’s not going to change no matter my weight.”

–       Solve a Rubik’s cube

–       Rescue a dog from an animal shelter, ideally a corgi

–       Live somewhere other than New York, probably California. “I wouldn’t want to live in LA. Too much traffic and no subways. Beach house maybe, that’d be cool if I could afford it. I don’t think I’d ever want to live in a foreign country for a while.”

–       Go skinny dipping

–       Have an awesome apartment. “I think it’s unnecessary to have a house if you don’t have kids. I want really funky furniture – really strange, really bright colors but comfortable.”

–       “Be as satisfied with my portfolio as I could be. Be consistent with my work. I’d love to make it into the mentor program at SVA. I want to know what I want before I graduate.”

–       Honeymoon somewhere warm on a beach. A nice tropical island.

–       Dream wedding – “Somewhere outside with lots of flowers. A big fairytale wedding. Gazebo, rose petals. Really, my dream wedding is my entire family getting along.”

–       Always wanted a really nice designer dress, a beautiful floor-length one to wear to fancy events. “It would have to have some sort of black lace in it.”

–       Learn how to ballroom dance. “I don’t mind acting like a fool but I’d like to learn.”

–       Learn how to cook. “I want to be able to cook all of my mom’s recipes without having to call her to walk me through it because I’m afraid to burn the house down.”


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