All quiet on the bucket front.

By golly, is it a new post? I think it is!


Even Sashi is surprised!

Even Sashi is surprised!


I know I haven’t been bringing any new buckets in many, many moons, but the bucket fairy has promised me a new batch soon. In the mean time, I think it’s nearly time for me to share my own bucket. It’s not really fair of me to ask random strangers (or just harass my friends) for theirs without sharing my own brilliant bucket.

Life has been a little busy with a new job, but jobs should not impede any of us from filling up our bucket lists. Or sharing more bucket lists with any lovely readers out there (or more likely, just the vast blogosphere cosmos).

So let’s hang on tight for some more list goodies. They’re a-coming.

As for what’s been going on in my life since I last checked in:
– New job that has me trekking in, out, and all about our lovely Manhattan
– Multiple neurotic ‘oh-my-goodness I am an actual adult’ realizations, though my inside age is still totally a five-year-old
– Trying out the paleo diet and starting to eat like a slightly more normal human being
– Coming to terms with the fact that I am one, very strange, very peculiar, spastic Piscean cookie. And rocking it.


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