Time and time goes by

I haven’t written here in ages! Post-graduation crises abound for my generation, it seems. But wheels are turning, and life goes on, whether you’re freaking out or not.

And I’ve learned there’s little reason to freak out, really. Because everything usually turns out okay. It doesn’t matter whether you waste your time worrying or not. Life’s waves will carry your boat somewhere else regardless.

Short hair!

New look.

Plenty of adventures have happened since I’ve last written! My insatiability for collecting other bucket lists has only grown as life takes me down new roads, with new people. And my bucket list has continued to evolve.

I went to Florida with my best friend.

And then with my brilliant cousin and mother, we traipsed through the Everglades, baked in the Florida sun, and played with peacocks.

I’ve chopped off all my hair.

I read an absurd amount of books. (And went to an amazing celebration of the written word!)

Explored the incredible wildlife that shares our planet with us at the Maritime Center and the Bronx Zoo.

And learned to appreciate that every day is a gift. Every moment is yours to take, cradle it in your arms and hold it close. It’s as fragile as a baby bird, but just as full of promise too. So you release it from your clasped hands – let it go into the wild, wild world, stretch out its baby wings and fly. Chase that tremulous moment and see where it takes you.

So what I’m saying, aside from the rambling metaphors?

Life is good.

Change is good too.

Learning to cherish what (and who) you already have alongside you is even better.

More posts to come. Love always,



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