Accomplished: Try Short Hair

So I chopped off all of my hair.

Let’s preface this with a little backstory. So. Every couple of years, I get the devious urge to do something ridiculous with my hair.

Super short


It all started when I was four and the much cooler, much awesome-er, middle school girls down the street got bangs. I, too, HAD to have bangs then and there, and so I chopped them messily into my hair… Right before a ballet recital. Whoops.

Then there was the time at Young Shakespeare camp (my nerdiness started way, way young) where my camp bestie who cut her own hair, gave me an impromptu set of bangs and layers – right before I went on stage as the snarky Boyet in Love’s Labour’s Lost. A haircut that I tried with epic failure to replicate on my best friend. I still cringe about that.

I went blonde in college, and as a penny-pinching student, decided that dying my roots couldn’t be all that hard. I was very, very wrong. My roommate got quite a good laugh out of my bright, neon orange hair, and graciously loaned me a hat to wear to class. My hairstylist clucked his tongue and fixed it, only after whacking my hands and making me promise to “never, ever, do that again”.

Flash forward about four years. I’ve returned to my mousy brunette locks. But I am restless. I am in love with the fairylike short hair of Audrey Hepburn, Ginnifer Goodwin, and countless other beauties. It’s summer. It’s time for a change.

Well, I reasoned that if I was cutting all my hair off, I could just go to a barber shop, right? The one in town cut girls’ hair. The woman there hacked haphazardly at my hair, leaving me with something that more looked like Mulan’s hasty attempt to join the army disguised as a man. Eyes on the clock, I sped to the next town over and took refuge in a salon. My angel was a curly haired redhead stylist who took one look at my desperate face and salvaged my tresses.

And that was the very dramatic, hopefully very last time that I attempt to cut corners when it comes to my hair.

So! Things I have learned as a card-carrying shorthaired woman:
• It dries faster! Yay!
• I look exactly like how my grandmother kept her hair, all my life – causing my dad and uncle to do a double-take when they saw me
• Less attention from skeevy guys, more attention from hipster/nerdy guys
• Less being mistaken for a high-schooler
• Short hair is addictive. You will want to go shorter. Sigh – I’m in love with pixie cuts, but they’re terribly expensive to maintain…
• You will receive at least one “are you a lesbian?” and a “you’re so brave” comment
• Bobby pins = new best friends

I don’t know if I’m going to keep it this short, grow it back, or go full pixie, but it’s definitely fun to change things up every once in a while!

Love Always,


2 thoughts on “Accomplished: Try Short Hair

  1. Yep, definitely get the “Are you a lesbian?” looks and questions. I know what you mean! Over the year I’ve done the same, doing dramatic cuts every year or so (in HS it was every 6 months!). It’s so fun, and hair ALWAYS grows back!

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