Inspiration 07.13.14

Happy weekend! I can’t believe we’re almost halfway done with summer already. I could stay forever in these days that seem endless.

This weekend, I’ve been busy catching up with movies (How to Train Your Dragon 2!) and friends alike. I went to my first bridal shower, and then to a barbecue with the old high school gang. These days are so busy. There is so much to see and so much to fit in, all under the blue skies that stretch into forever. I love it. There’s scarcely time to breathe.

But if you do have some down time, I’ve prepared some interesting links for mindless browsing. Enjoy!

• Have you seen the gorgeous Super Moon over the last view days? It looks to me like a giant cookie!

• A couple creates their OK Cupid profiles to see how well the site would match them together… Eek.

This video of How to Put On Your Face is a must-watch. Everyday. Forever.

• Wow. I’m so inspired by people who can work in Child Protective Services. I think my heart would break.

• Christopher Walken as Hook in Peter Pan? Can we just cast Christopher Walken as all the roles?

• What it’s like to be raised by an intellectually-challenged parent.

• I’m already in Game of Thrones withdrawal, but I’m going to miss Jack Gleeson even more.


Enjoy your weekend!

Love always,

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