Inspiration 7.25.14

Summer is so unfair. The days are so long, but the season goes by in the blink of an eye! We’re nearly into August, and I’m just not ready. This week, I worked with two amazing groups of writers, who are inspiring me to try to coherently organize my own ramblings. Ooh, and not to totally be in-your-face, but I’m sorta kinda super proud of this silly article I wrote for Bibliosmiles on books recommendations for each zodiac sign. (Psst – you should all write something for it!)

Also I’m focusing on badgering people for bucket list interviews this weekend. Hopefully some will share with us! But go out and live your own bucket list – and as always, if you need help, here are the interesting picks of the week.

• Why old books smell of vanilla – I wonder what an old kindle will end up smelling like…

• Hammocks are perfect for summer reading. And well, life. I want one of these crazy ones!

• Did you ever have these worry dolls? I did – I love the idea of talismans.

• Important lesson on not giving a sh*t.

• XOJane challenged their writers to show off their beach bods and then the readers did the same – all that is required, is to have both a bod, and a bathing suit. No insane dieting or exercise, sounds good to me!

• I’m not a teen, but I still loved this thread on AskReddit where teenagers ask adults life questions.

• My lovely boss lady wrote about our field trip to Penguin Publishing House last week on her blog.


Enjoy your weekend!

Love always,

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