Fictional Bucket Lists

One of these days, I’ll get to posting my own bucket list on here. It’s on the long, never-ending to-do list, I swear.

It’s just that I find other peoples’ bucket lists more fascinating. Other people think of things I would never thing of, and it’s such an interesting peek into a person’s inner workings.

Besides. I get stumped when I think of what to add to mine. It’s like when you’re playing “Never Have I Ever” and you can only think of things you’ve done already. But something fun I do, is imagine what some of my favorite characters would have on their bucket lists.

And over a series, that might totally change. It’s like, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. If that mouse gets a cookie, he’s going to want a glass of milk, and so on. Just like when we cross things off of our bucket lists, we end up finding more things we want to do.

Harry Potter’s bucket list when he lived under the cupboard under the stairs, was probably something like: Get something other than socks for Christmas. Have his parents or someone miraculously rescue him from the Dursleys. Have Dudley turn into a pig.

…All of which, remarkably, happen, one way or another.

Who else? The Doctor’s bucket list is probably as long as his lifespan. The universe is full of so many things to see and do! A planet made of diamonds, a planet that is an entire library, anywhere and anything in all of time and space. Oh, and he has to see Barcelona. The planet, not the city. It has dogs without noses, apparently.

I don’t know if I can necessarily add intergalactic time travel to my bucket list, but I can derive from the Doctor’s great sense of adventure!

Gollum’s bucket list must’ve been pretty simple. Have his precious. Stay away from nasty hobbitses. While Merry and Pippin’s bucket lists probably only extended to the acquisition of their next meal.

I like to imagine bucket lists for our characters once they got their happy endings. After all, once you finish your bucket list, you’re not going to go and commit hara kiri, are you? “Welp, I ran out of things, guess it’s time to go now”.

Nah. Don’t do that.

Snow White totally wanted to go on a cruise with all seven of the dwarves (they really deserved a vacation from the mines) and matchmake them with some equally adjectivally-named dwarvettes.

Elsa’s going to go on a round-the-world trip and meet Jack Frost and have lots of snowy little babies. (I CAN DREAM. STOP. LET ME GO ENJOY MY FANFICTIONS). Though that’s probably not on her bucket list, because Elsa is a strong, independent ice queen who doesn’t need no man! …But Jack Frost just happens to be around. And is super dreamy…

Okay, enough with the tangent. John Watson’s bucket list is hoping to live one day where Sherlock doesn’t give him a heart attack. Maybe Professor X dreams of gaining a superpower to grow a fierce head of hair.

I don’t know. But it’s fun to think about the sorts of silly and serious things characters would jot down on a crumbled post-it, or in their secret diary. It certainly helps me dream of what else should be on mine too!

Who is one of your favorite characters and what would be on their bucket list?


Love always,


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