Inspiration 8.03.14

Hello, hello, hello! I’ve been running about doing errands this weekend and binging on “My Mad Fat Diary” which is so so so good, and a little too relatable. I can’t say enough good things to recommend it!
This week, I wrote about the melancholic poet Sara Teasdale on Bibliosmiles. I also finished Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love July photo challenge on Instagram. Challenges are always fun – I can’t believe I finished one! Anyway, here are some links for your weekend reading.

• The scary story of one teen surviving pancreatic cancer. Hazel Grace would be proud.

• A Jane Austen reenactment? Why don’t we have anything so lovely here?

• How to persuade anyone of anything in ten seconds

• Websites that will save you money on anything and everything

• A cure for writer’s block

• This beautiful infographic explores the word counts of literary masterpieces

• Sometimes, we need a little quiet


Have a marvelous weekend!

Love always,


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