Inspiration 8.10.14

The past week has been insane. I worked in the city with some amazingly talented people and young writers, and enjoyed the beauty of the Upper West Side in summer. I went to the Nuyorican Poets Cafe for the first time (more on this later!), a literary agency, and the six month celebration for Bibliosmiles! It’s been a whirlwind of running up, down, and all around, but I’ve loved every second of it.
Hope all your weeks are going well too, and you find a moment to catch your breath!

• Turn Down for What, helpfully dissected and explained. What should we turn down for?

• I loved Narratively’s entire series this week on Ice Cream, but this piece about how gelato broke through an autistic two-year-old’s mind was a compelling, funny, and unique read

• Not quite ice cream, but this gluten free recipe for Vanilla Sundae Cone Cupcakes looks like the perfect treat for this weekend

• Sarah volunteered for a day at Habitat for Humanity as part of her year’s bucket list. When doing good is on your bucket list, you’re doing something right

• Jenna Marbles is one of my spirit animals. “Things Girls Lie About” is spot on

• Disappointing – A husband and wife interview separately for the same job and get asked totally different questions

• A reminder that enough is enough, for every area of our lives


Have a spectacular weekend!

Love always,

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