Inspiration 8.24.14

Wait, where did summer go? Is it really, truly, nearly September? Luckily this weekend, I’m seeing summer off with a bang out at my friend’s summer house. It’s a yearly tradition at this point for all of us to gather out there. I think it’s so important to have these sorts of traditions, especially now as we are all disappearing into the vacuum of adulthood.
Though, I doubt we’re that grown up. I think most of us are just marvelous pretenders. And isn’t that true for the majority of people? At least, I hope so.
Here are your weekend links for some mindless browsing!

• What do you think of this Goodreads list of Most Difficult Novels? Accurate? Scary? Inspiring?

• How the “Orange is the New Black” came to be casted – a fascinating read for anyone into the groundbreaking show

• I think most of us need this Nerd Fitness guide for the start of autumn: How to Become a Morning Person!

• Zucchini noodles are perfect for those gluten-free or following a low-carb lifestyle. And they’re green!

• Wow… I loved this story about what it was like to work at a super rich girls’ sleep-away camp

• I’m tentatively excited to hear there will be new adaptations of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. Hopefully these tips will make sure the films do them justice (hint hint, no sparkles!)

• And a sweet story about how one granddaughter helped her grandma rebel against the nursing home


Have an illustrious weekend!

Love always,

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