Itty-bitty items for the bucket list

When I worked at a summer camp, I used to walk through my neighbor’s yard, down a hill and through a park to get to work. One year, I decided to start jogging it, because why not? The first week, I was huffing and puffing. My asthma was not having it, and my gums ached terribly (which apparently happens to a small percentage of the population. Your brain zaps the oxygen from your gums. Weird.)
But by the sixth and final week of camp, I was flying.
And since then, I’ve been a runner. I enjoy it. The solitude, the peace, the feeling of your body and mind being at one. It was a worthy goal.
Sometimes our bucket lists are about our small accomplishments, and they can mean just as much as the big ones. Plus, when you’re in the day-to-day routines of life, it’s not always easy to fulfill those big bucket list items. Most of us can’t nip off to Africa for a safari for the weekend, or star in a film. (Though… with a time turner and a magic wand, anything’s possible.)
So, fill the nooks and crannies of your bucket list with little items. Little pebbles that you can drop in your bucket to fill the gaps around the large stones.
What are some of my latest small accomplishments? Trust me, some of them are really quite small – you need a microscope to see them. They’re more like grains of sand.
I finally played Settlers of Catan, a Indie/Gamer nerd popular board game that almost crosses that line into dorky Dungeons and Dragons territory.
It’s also been on my list to see every Hayao Miyazaki film. He recently retired (which is sad) so I have a decent chance of catching up! His films are whimsical, with poignant stories of love between family, between friends, and for the earth.
Where does inspiration for these sorts of bucket list accomplishments come from? Anything and anywhere! Some bloggers, like Sarah of Yes and Yes, will create a yearly list of items to be completed before each birthday. Her items this year range from eating dim sum to going carless for a week to trying aerial yoga. Definitely quite a way to spice up your life!
But really, this is also about your mindset. Embrace everything in your life as a new accomplishment. If everything’s an adventure, you’re always having fun, always crossing things off your bucket list. Maybe I’m just easily impressed with new things, no matter how big or small. But I think that’s better than being jaded and never looking at the world as a place of wonder. That’s no fun.
There’s so much to do, and so little time!
Love always,

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