Autumn Bucket List!

I think it’s good for me to share my seasonal bucket lists, as I have failed with sharing my master bucket list. That’s coming too, eventually. But seasonal bucket lists are fun because they let you enjoy the events of the year with all the excitement you had when you were younger!

I shared my summer book challenge earlier this year, and luckily completed all but one or two on the list. Let’s hope I get the same success rate with this autumnal list. Send me some suggestions if you have any!

Autumn street

Not quite autumn yet on this lovely street. Soon.

  1. Go apple picking or pumpkin picking 
    I live in the apple state. It’s a necessary requirement or they revoke your citizenship.
  2. Then, bake something with apple or pumpkin
    It seems like everything is getting in on the pumpkin spice game. There’s pumpkin spice Oreos, pumpkin spice jello, and pumpkin spice vodka out there. Well, us gluten free folk can instead pay homage to the classics instead – let’s bake some pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, or pumpkin cake.
  3. Find a super cute, super warm sweater to live in
    Or multiple sweaters. Plus flannel. Plus if you’re me, this translates into a winter-jacket I wear inside my house from the months of October – March, on top of said super cute, super warm sweater.
  4. Take a walk, and stomp some crunchy leaves
    Put on your favorite boots and go crispy leaf crunching! Or grab a rake and make a giant pile to jump in. Admire all the lovely colors of the trees.
  5. Build the first fire of the year
    Unless you don’t have a fireplace. In which case, go build a fire some place fun and indulge your inner pyromaniac
  6. Choose a fall warm beverage to obsess over.
    It could be pumpkin spice lattes, or you can switch it up. Start each morning with Earl Grey or a fantastically decadent vanilla hazelnut coffee blend. Anything you can put into a mug and hold onto like a warm, yummy lifesaver.
  7. Get in the Halloween spirit
    I live quite near Sleepy Hollow, so it’s sacrilegious not to participate in some spooky shenanigans. Go on a haunted hayride or a graveyard tour. Let the hairs on the back of your neck prick up and get yourself properly scared.
  8. Make your fall/winter cocoon or nook
    You need a spot to stay warm! Whether it’s piling your bed up with a zillion layers of blankets and comforters, or finding a spot to plant your butt next to your fireplace. It’s your hibernation space. I really want a kotatsu table one day, which is a Japanese table with an electric heater under it and blanket over it.
  9. Requisite Nightmare Before Christmas viewing
    I can never decide if this is a Halloween or Christmas movie. Sooo it should be both! Watch it now, and again in December.
  10. Orange and black, everywhere
    Decorating shouldn’t just be for the winter holidays! Post up some ghosts, witches, and pumpkins. A couple cobwebs here and there. You got this.

Have any fall plans before winter comes? Give me more things to do!

Love always,

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