Inspiration 10.13.14

Happy holiday that really ought not to be a holiday. Me? I’ll be raising my glass to Leif Erikson and the good old vikings. I quite like vikings. At least we don’t bother hiding the fact they pillaged and burned towns to cinders, like the way we hush things over for Columbus. If you’re going to be bad, at least own up to it. Or just… don’t be bad. There’s a valid option too.

Anyway! This week, I spent getting excited and ready for New York Comic Con! More on that, later. I’ve also been steadfastly tackling my Autumn Bucket List, though I do still have yet to go apple picking. Pumpkin pies have already been made though. Time to fatten up for winter hibernation, right?

  1. Fashion week’s over, but here’s a fascinating look into the secret life of a fashion week peon
  2. Authors and the tangled love webs they wove in this scandalous hook-up chart
  3. Looking at where nine famous women were at age 23 definitely soothes my type-A mind
  4. Overwhelmed? Ten small ways to declutter on the fly is easy enough!
  5. Yum. Gluten-free croissants. Think we can start a bakery with these alone?
  6. I want to visit obscure countries! Check out this mini travel guide to Tonga
  7. I’m kind of in love with this – a hotline to give out as your number to creepy strangers

Have a moony, mirthful, monumental week!

Love always,

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