Accomplished! New York Comic Con

Okay, okay I’m cheating. Last weekend’s New York Comic Con wasn’t my first rodeo. Er, convention. I’ve been to a handful, with a go at NYCC a couple years ago. I’ve also been to the Javitz Center quite a few times, on both the attending and working side when I was a Nespresso brand ambassador.

(Working is just as fun as attending! But maybe I’ve just naive, and was totally hyped on caffeine back then)

Anyway, this year’s NYCC still counts as an accomplishment because it was a few of my friends’ first time there.

NYCC my friends and me!

New York Comic Con is fun for so many reasons. There are panels for your most beloved fictional worlds, both lauding and dissecting the tropes within them. The stars and minds behind those worlds are there in the flesh and not about to issue a restraining order on you for approaching them. Publishers with their geekiest books, who are clearly after my own heart. Artists and vendors so you can score some serious swag.

But I think my favorite part of it all is the costuming. I love seeing the creativity people put to celebrate their favorite fictional characters and works. I love the parents who bring their children and dress up along with them. I love the accepting environment. There are people whose costumes qualify as art and belong on professional film sets. But even if you just put on a pokemon hat and a jacket, you’re good. You’re with your people.

And as my friend excitedly said to me, “Gaby! Here, we’re the extroverted ones!”

We were dressed up, because that is half the fun. The best is when you have a costume that is recognized by others, and makes them smile. I was Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service, a Miyazaki film. My friend was Kiki’s cat. So many people stopped us for a picture. Our other friends went as Link from the Legend of Zelda, Sherlock Holmes, and a character from Arrow. We looked pretty phenomenal, but I’m biased.

So what were some of my favorite costumes?

NYCC costumes 1

This father and his son, dressed up like two different Doctors. This guy, Han Solo, complete with Millennium Falcon and Chewbacca. And an adorable little snookum who wore the same costume as me!

NYCC costumes 2

There was a gentleman dressed as the Mad Hatter, selling mini top hats and my friend bought one for her bunnies. This posse of Disney villains, who somehow kidnapped Esmeralda and brought her along with them. And this ensemble of Orange is the New Black was spot on! There were so many Elsa’s and Anna’s from Frozen, and even one Olaf. And a lot of people just wearing fezzes – clearly they miss the Eleventh doctor. And despite Harry Potter being done with for seven years, there were a good amount of wizards and witches. I saw a great Ravenclaw quidditch player!

Also, I have to mention my friend Marissa who had a crazy awesome Daenarys costume with a Drogon she made herself! No idea how, but that girl is a costume wizard.

No Face and me!

I think my absolute favorite was running into No Face from Spirited Away, which is another Miyazaki film. I didn’t notice this until after our picture, but No Face was holding some Snickers, which then he proffered to me. In the film, No Face always offers to others what they want most, which ends up usually not as a good thing. I turned down the Snickers… but that was more because I don’t like candy (my child self is horrified by that development, by the way).

Ahh, I love festivals. All sorts! Farmers’ markets, street fairs, Icelandic viking festivals, the Renaissance faire. Sometimes the media makes it seem like everything social in grown-up land has to happen after dark, in a booming club, with endless shots of brightly colored drinks. I especially love anything that celebrates stories and fiction and art, so NYCC was my sort of field trip.

I need to find more of these sorts of adventures!

Love always,


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