Accomplished! Attend New York’s Village Halloween Parade

There’s a long list, when you live somewhere notable, of things you really ought to do, but never get around to. As a New Yorker, this list is pretty long. Tourists who are here just for a day complete the list quicker than we do in decades of living here.

As New Yorker’s we really should get around to going to the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. We should see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, followed by a Broadway show or ballet at Lincoln Center. Have a picnic in Central Park, and spend a summer day on the rides at Coney Island. The list of New York musts goes on and on.

Well, this Halloween I finally crossed off an item on the list! Along with some awesome friends, I gallivanted down to Greenwich Village to see their famous Halloween Parade.

Halloween 2014 costumes

Little Red Riding Hood and the Witch are super excited for the parade. But first, coffee.

This was the Parade’s 41st year. It grew out of being a walk from house to house for the neighborhood children, into the wild event it is now. It’s estimated that 2 million people spectate each year and 60,000 participate! The Parade has been honored by past New York mayors and transformed into a cultural tradition of the city. I’ve been dying to go since I was little and watched it on television after trick-or-treating.

(Last year, due to a new taxi driver and some bad directions, my friends and I ended up in the last dregs of the parade as it was being cleaned up and broken up in the rain. So that didn’t count. No, this year it had to be seen good and proper.)

And oh my goodness, it was amazing! We decided to watch rather than walk in the parade. The theme this year was “The Garden of Earthly Delights” and the parade’s 2014 Grand Marshall was none other than the fabulous Whoopi Goldberg. I still can’t believe I saw Whoopi Goldberg.

At the Parade

Skeletons jangle their bones, serpents alight the sky, and the wonderful Whoopi Goldberg blesses Halloween with her presence

There were floats and people on stilts, over 50 marching bands, and a man in a bunny suit with a sign that read, “I thought this was the Easter parade”. The whole thing was super crazy, over-the-top, which you have to expect when it’s put on by New York’s spectacular and artistic LGBT community.

And, be still my gluten free heart, because there were two vans from the company KIND and their granola bars were being tossed into the crowd. My friends, always looking out for my delicate intestinal track, snagged me two. Nom.

I love that anyone can march in the parade, so long as you have a costume. You can even volunteer to be one of the puppet holders in the parade. If we go next year, I think our names will definitely be on that list!

Now that Halloween is over, there’s another New York tradition looming on the horizon… The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I already was wearing four or five layers of clothing to this one… I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle 6 am in late November! Still, we must make sacrifices for our bucket lists!

Love always,

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