Inspiration 12.21.14

Happy Christmas Week! (And Hanukkah and Kwanza and the Winter Solstice, which is actually today, so really, I ought to be saying Happy Yule, right?) I’ve always had trouble with the shortest day of the year. When I was little, I was in an after-school gifted enrichment program at another district. When we went to go home, the buses would be lined up out front in random order. It was dark, because of the earlier sunsets, and I wouldn’t be able to read the school names on the sides of the buses. I always raced up and down, my heart pounding, as I tried to find the Byram Hills bus. I was terrified of being left behind!

These days, I try not to get unsettled by the shorter days. There’s loveliness in them too. In cuddling by the fire, slowing down, and taking time indoors to be with yourself and your loved ones, instead of racing around outside. Make some tea, pick a nice book, and breathe. We’ve made it through another year, hopefully with some amazing people by our sides. How lucky are we

Have a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate. Enjoy the links!

  1. I always try to bake a million things during the holidays. These gluten free cookies look like candy canes!
  2. Speaking of food, these 15 international holiday delicacies seem rather adventurous
  3. XOJane has a gift guide for ‘weird people’. I guess all I know are weird people because these gifts are SO perfect for the people in my life
  4. NPR has a super cool, super interactive best books list of 2014
  5. What a Jewish mother would have to say of the Disney princes
  6. Another brilliant gift guide! Thirty dreamy gifts for witches, magpies, gym bunnies and domestic goddesses
  7. Or… if you’re more the DIY type, this light-up terrarium is beautiful

Have a very happy week.

Love always,

2 thoughts on “Inspiration 12.21.14

  1. I must be a weirdo too because that Pyro thing that lets you shoot fireballs sounds AWESOME!! I also want those light bulb wine glasses! Also that NPR list of the best books is really cool!
    Happy holidays!!!

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