Inspiration 12.30.14

Whoops! Forgot to post this Sunday, but happy post-Christmas and almost-New Year! I hope you all have had a lovely holiday. Santa was too good to me this year. There was an amazing friends-Christmas with the darlings of BiblioSmiles and then a happy (and calm, thank goodness) holiday with the family. We left A Christmas Story on in the background all day, as is our tradition, and my mom, true to her Italian blood, cooked way too much food for four people. I helped, by making the decadent desserts, and we all ate ourselves into food comas.

I think the best thing was this adorable French bulldog sweater my mom gave me. And I made sure to give each of my family members a delightfully dorky gift (because, I accept my geekiness, and have a need to foist it onto other people as well). I’m not entirely sure the Star Trek footie pajamas were well-received, but the expression on the recipient’s face (my sophisticated, high-tech gadget-guy father) was well worth it.

And now we’re off to go skedaddling into 2015. Geez. I still remember being in fourth grade and the whole Y2K hubbub. Let’s all distract ourselves with these links before it sinks in that was fifteen years ago, kay?

  1. Awww. It’s amazing how times have changed
  2. These rules for creativity are excellent!
  3. I miss ramen but this recipe for gluten-free instant noodle cups might be a good replacement!
  4. A tumblr look at why millennials aren’t buying houses
  5. I love the idea of a uniform. My brain is so cluttered, this might help!
  6. You can change your dream, your vision, your life, at any age
  7. Kim showed me this great news digest to kick off your day with

Have a nifty New Year.

Love always,

4 thoughts on “Inspiration 12.30.14

  1. That bulldog sweater is adorable!! The 15 rules for creative success was really interesting to read! Yes 100% to the article about Millennials not buying houses and cars. I sure as hell can’t afford to right now! 😦
    Happy New Year!

    • Thank you–and it’s super warm!

      It’s definitely way more difficult for us millennials to find our independence with the financial circumstances. I’m hoping maybe in 10 years, it’ll be super easy for us and all of this will have paid off, haha. Happy New Year!

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