Welcome 2015

Happy 2015! We are living in the future, or at least Back to the Future 2 (doesn’t that take place in 2015?). I still have my fingers crossed that the 2020’s end up to be as roaring and fun as the 1920’s.

Gosh, what even happened in 2014?

Welcoming in 2015 with lovely ladies!

Welcoming in 2015 with lovely ladies!

I started writing for BiblioSmiles, Danielle’s literary blog, and by doing so I have had so much fun and so many bookish adventures with her and my college friends. I went to BookCon, met Anne Rice, and explored both the Strand and Books of Wonder. Plus we have super adorable parties.

In March, I visited both Disney World and Harry Potter world with my best friend, and then spent two amazing weeks with my cousin Linda, in her lovely home that overlooks a canal. The Florida sun baked my soul, which is tropical and hates the winter (and anything below 60 degrees, really). We explored the Everglades and parts of Florida that seem like a completely different country. And fed some wild peacocks with my cousin’s cute-as-pie twins.

I rekindled this blog! There’s another fun thing. Even if only a handful of people read it, it’s a nice way to keep up with everyone. Oh, and I cut all my hair off. Can’t forget that.

I spent the Fourth of July in the Hamptons with my European safari bestie, and then back to the Hamptons again for a reunion with the group of people I’m so blessed to hang out with.

Also in summer, I began working for a literary nonprofit, which has been a wonderful experience in learning how there really are people who are driven to do good in world, who embrace creativity and altruism with open arms, and are always looking for new ways to let others join in their vision. The kindness of the people and children I work with has no limit. Plus, I got to go to the Nuyorican Poets Cafe to see some truly awesome spoken word poetry.

In October, I went to the first wedding of my hometown group. Jen was a beautiful, gorgeous bride, and I hope her new life is full of blessings and happiness.

A week later, I went to Comic Con! It was my second time going, but it was so much fun. Nerd culture is more and more mainstream these days. Now, if we could only make these things actually a reality. I’m ready for my Hogwarts letter, still. Or Gandalf to tell me to lead a quest. Or a blue box to appear on my doorstep. I also went to the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village for the first time! There was a place for some magic to happen.

And in December, I was a secret santa, attended an aforementioned BiblioSmiles shindig, celebrated the holidays and friends’ birthdays. So much, all at once to say goodbye to 2014!

Told you our parties were adorable.

Told you our parties were adorable.

This year, I also spent a lot of time with my family, and I feel closer to them than ever. I think most people have a tumultuous adolescence, and I like to think I’m out of those woods now! While there continue to be minor dramas with tertiary family members, both my family and I have learned that is possible to say “enough”.

Speaking of that, 2014 was also a year for some hard lessons for me. I realized that I relied on certain people too heavily, and I have an idealistic personality that causes me to raise the people around me up onto pedestals. Which is usually seems like a good thing, at least to me, because then I believe in them so much and am fiercely in their corner. But people, even my beautiful, wonderful friends, are only human. We all make mistakes, we all disappoint one another. What we do from there is what matters. And that’s a lesson I continue to learn. I am eternally grateful for the friends I do have, the ones who stuck by me through the years and as we grew up, despite our blunders and mistakes and being-humanness. Shoutout to my twin and safari buddy, among others. Y’all rock.

I’m learning to relax. I’ve written before about being enough, and how my mind goes a million miles at once, that I need to be doing ALL THE THINGS, and never ever take a breath. By having tangible, measurable goals, I think I can work on that.

I’m hopeful for 2015. Usually I make a long, endless list of resolutions, but I don’t think I’ll do that this year. I’ll settle for just a few thoughts as my resolutions.

To focus. To slow down and be more present in my thoughts and my actions. To take deliberate steps in the right direction, and be confident enough to take them. To stand on my own two feet, as much as is possible. That’s a big one.

To be kind. Both to others and to myself, which is often such a hard thing to do. We’re all on this planet together, all trying to piece together some sort of semblance of meaning. We all have burdens we struggle to carry upon our back, but we also have such capacity for love, and joy, and kindness. There is so much wrong in the world already. At least, I can try to brighten my own little corner, and the lives of people I meet.

That’s what has driven me all my life. Into reading, writing, sharing people’s stories. Into journalism, and into making friends with people who had had their wings clipped. I wanted to smooth their feathers, and help everyone fly again. I just need to make sure I can fly too.

Here’s to 2015. Here’s to love. To kindness. To joy. To hanging onto the things that matter, and letting go of the things that don’t. It’s a brand new year.

Love always,

2 thoughts on “Welcome 2015

  1. Happy New Year, Gaby! 2014 was certainly a busy year for you! So cool that you’re able to look back and appreciate all of the things you’ve done. And I’m so glad that our friendship has surpassed our college years and followed us into adulthood. Let’s make lots of memories in the new year!
    (And yeah— our parties are too cute.)

    • I’m so happy that we’re having so many more adventures! It definitely reminds me of our Purchase escapades like visiting Buckout Road, your microfridge cooking, and our random bake sale. Here’s to many more adventures this year, definitely!

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