Inspiration 01.05.15

Rain and snow! It’s January, which, to be honest, is far from my favorite month of the year. I like the idea of winter. I like winter up until New Year’s day, when all the festivities are done with and rolled away for the next eleven months. I like winter from inside, under blankets and next to a roaring fire. Not the reality of clawing at the ice on my car, of being dressed in at least three layers top and bottom, and sleeping under several blankets. If only I was Elsa, and the cold never bothered me anyway. Oh well. Maybe in my next life, I’ll have super awesome snow magic.

Here are some links to see you through the wintery week.

  1. The seven people who will change your life in your 20s
  2. Even if it’s winter, we can take a virtual vacation to Hawaii with this food tour
  3. The secret life of a shoe model involves impromptu dry shaving in fitting rooms
  4. Your town is an RPG and you are a NPC (non-playable character). What do you say to the hero?
  5. I’m tempted to cut my hair again! Short hair on women has a surprisingly long history
  6. Who is in your scene?
  7. I love these photos of the lives beneath the uniform

Have a delightful, darling, decorous week.

Love always,


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