Inspiration 01.11.15

Quiet week. But isn’t that what the lull of winter is about, giving us time to reflect and focus on what’s important? Especially when we’re still less than two weeks into the new year! Winter does lend itself to some of my quieter hobbies too, like baking. I tried making cinnamon buns today from Pillsbury Pie/Pastry gluten-free dough, but um, it ended up more like cinnamon rugelach than pillowy, yummy, divine cinnamon goodness. Oh well! Guess no one’s come up with frozen GF puff-pastry yet.

These links are a good distraction from my crunchy cinnamon failure.

  1. Being stuck inside is also a good time for some random mad science! (Not just the old baking soda and vinegar volcano, either)
  2. Nerdy proposals that pay homage to my favorite time traveler are adorable
  3. These melty snowman cookies might be hard for me to mess up
  4. How to save money in every part of your budget–perfect for those 2015 resolutions!
  5. Haha, love this! A teenager’s view on the different social media platforms
  6. Whoa, take me back to the aughts and my middle school years. I love this retroactive review of Gwen Stefani’s LAMB album
  7. What do people all over the world eat? The New York Times takes a look

Have a fancy, fierce, fabulous week.

Love always,

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