Inspiration 01.18.15

Halfway through January! What does that mean? Well, we can all stuff our faces with the pink and red chocolates they’re selling at CVS and RiteAid right now (oh, you’re supposed to give those to other people? But… they’re too yummy to share). For just a bit longer, you can use your porch as a refrigerator and enjoy wearing six layers when you go outside (enjoy = loathe in this particular sentence).

And you can get psyched for the Oscars! Maybe. I haven’t seen a single one of the best picture nominations this year. I’ll watch regardless, if just for Neil Patrick Harris being adorkable.

If you’re not glued to the screen to catch up on the nominations, enjoy these links!

  1. I really miss donuts. I have to attempt these gorgeous gluten-free powdered ones!
  2. A mere commoner went to the Golden Globes and fills us in
  3. Pop culture pillows are perfect for my fantasy future home
  4. Little rules for making your life a little saner
  5. How the male to female ratio in cities has an effect on the dating atmosphere
  6. Awwww, nerdy wedding in Portland!
  7. I kind of want to do this foot peel. It’s gross in the best possible way

Have a fancy, fearless, fabulous week.

Love always,


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