Inspiration 01.25.15

It seems like New York is trying to slip in as many blizzards as possible before January ends. My phone is going crazy with alerts about the two feet of snow we’ll be buried in by Tuesday… hopefully it just sprinkles. Today I managed to stave off the cabin fever at a company book panel featuring six authors and a publisher! It was fun to get out and hear their stories, both their life stories and the fictional ones!

Here are some links while we’re snowed in!

  1. Did you hear about Human of New York’s incredible campaign for impoverished kids?
  2. One of my absolute favorite bloggers just celebrated her tenth wedding anniversary… I love that she went to the same Vegas chapel they got married in for their renewal!
  3. Could you go 40 days without being mean?
  4. The secrets of Amazon are mind-boggling, even for those who work there
  5. What happens if you decide to confront the men who catcall you… I’m tempted
  6. Salted chocolate truffles? Yum, I’ll make some of these!
  7. Have you heard about the “Sure, Jan” meme? Here’s what the actress has to say about it

Have a joyous week.

Love always,

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