Inspiration 02.01.15

So much for that blizzard I mentioned last Sunday. Six measly inches, when we were promised at least two feet. I wanted to build an igloo! To have to tunnel out of my house, and live completely Laura Ingalls Wilder-style! Well, maybe I’m speaking a tad too quickly. After all, we’re supposed to get a foot starting tonight.

This past week, I battled the elements (because regardless of how much there is, my car doesn’t like snow). I saw one of my besties, and chatted with the BiblioSmiles gang about what our evil alternate-universe selves would be like. …There’s a concern they might cross over into our world. If I ever speak with a Russian accent and wear fur coats, you’ll know.

Here are some links for when you’re waiting for the Superbowl commercials —

Have a fanciful February week.

Love always,


11 thoughts on “Inspiration 02.01.15

  1. That epic snowstorm that wasn’t might be heading for us tonight! Looks like we’ll be taking that shovel out again! The idea of building an igloo sounds wonderful!
    And now I want a falafel! I want The Dating Game to be a real movie!

  2. My humanities major feels like a failure at times. Though, the positive side is that it’s helped my writing a lot. Working my way on to bigger and brighter things. And working my way out of more snow.

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