Inspiration 02.15.15

Another Sunday, another round of links! This week, I caught up with some of my favorite people and had a total deja vu moment as we sipped coffee in our old stomping grounds. Several of the kids I work with gave me Valentines. I’ve also recently been shown the web series, RWBY, which is totally incredible and a perfect combination of Final Fantasy meets a Joss Whedon-esque cast of kickbutt girl heroes (and villains!).

Here are some fun reads for tomorrow’s morning coffee.

Have a amorous, amazing week.

Love always,


5 thoughts on “Inspiration 02.15.15

  1. First of all, you’re sweet for mentioning me 🙂 thank you!
    Second, I love Humans of New York, but I somehow missed that post. It’s amazing how much can change with a simple action, something as small as picking up a hitchhiker.
    Third, Aussie seem so relaxed here. Aside from my host family, I’ve met two Aussies in their middle to late twenties and they are all about having fun and working towards something that makes you happy and I think that definitely reflects in the Boost Your Confidence article. Life is too short to not follow what you are passionate about and do what you know and learn things you don’t. It seems all cut and dry and simple when you read it in the article, but then why isn’t it in real life? We make things more complicated I suppose. I find it interesting too because I describe myself as an introvert and everyone I’ve met so far tells me I’m lying to them, but I suppose maybe it is because I am doing what I love and I’m having fun so the confidence shows. I just wish more people could do what they love instead of sticking to something they hate.

    • HONY is incredible! I love that it’s spreading to other places. I bet there’s one in Aussie now.

      Ahh, I love hearing about all of your adventures. You’re inspiring me to go and do what I love too! You’re definitely right, life is too short. I think most people get stuck in their worries and fears to try to change things. I’m glad you managed to take a chance and see that it was worth it! 🙂

      • I’m not sure if people know it around here! Or I wonder if there is a Humans of Sydney or something similar! That’d be neat.

        I’m trying to convince those around me to step out of their worries. I lived in them far too long. Sometimes you can either worry or do it. Worst thing that happens is that what you are doing is terrible. But not worse than if you worried and never did it! I suppose that doesn’t work for everything, but for most things.

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