Inspiration 02.22.15

Happy weekend! I had a tremendous week, getting to see Neil Gaiman and Daniel Handler speak in Brooklyn. I also had the joy of getting to catch up with two of my journalism professors, whom I still love and adore. Plus, Thursday was Chinese New Year. And guess what, it’s my year! Year of the Ram, represent!

Today, I’m venturing into the city for the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown. It’s my first time going, but if I’m going to go, it might as well be my animal’s year! Plus… it’s rumored to be warm. After the crazy polar vortex, 40 degrees is positively balmy.

Here are some links for the week ahead!

Have a fantastic week.

Love always,

3 thoughts on “Inspiration 02.22.15

  1. I love the names article. I was literally just talking about that with an Aussie here. What’s amazing is that his thoughts were the same as mine on names. Its crazy that even across the world the names have similar meanings. Luckily for me, Chelsea is rare here and I’m their first opinion of a Chelsea! But I love how names can mean so much especially with personality and facial features. Even if every Sarah looks different.

    • Do you feel like you’re a Chelsea though? And it’s so interesting that it’s rare there! I love seeing how different names vary in popularity between countries. Also, there’s definitely some names that seem to generate the same personality… Or at least with the ones I’ve met!

      • I don’t. Well actually I’m not sure. I don’t know many Chelsea personalities. I like to think so and hope I make a good impression on the name. Do you feel like your a Gabriele? From your blogging and what I know, I can definitely see Gabriele. But I see what you mean on not being a Gaby anymore.

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