Inspiration 3.2.15

Happy March greetings! Hopefully before too long, we’ll be seeing more of the lamb and less of the lion. Hm, what happened last week? Well. It was my 24th birthday. Which means I entered high school TEN years ago. Ahhh. Meanwhile I still feel 14 on the inside half the time!

Regardless of my internal vs. eternal age, I had a lovely birthday! My family went out for sushi after work, where we’re friends with the owner and as I was leaving, he plucked a rose from one of the vases for me. When it came time for birthday cake, my family indulged in an ice cream cake. I, however, had a beautiful concoction crafted from fruit alone! Yum! And, of course, no birthday/holiday in my life is now complete without a tortoise. And my amazing aunt sent me a stone-carved pink one. So adorable!



Sometimes, I forget just how many wonderful people I have in my life. But the birthday wishes that flooded my social media and phone, reminded me that there are so many amazing, compassionate, terrific friends and family that I’m lucky to know. Shoutouts to all of them.

Here are some links to get us through the blustery first week of March!

  • Blue and black? Or white and gold? No matter which you picked, the Amazon reviews of the dress that sparked an uproar are hilarious
  • Your life is a hot date. Show up for it
  • Have any enemies? Sending them a glitter bomb is now a perfect way to exact revenge
  • I love reading about kids being entrepreneurial and this story of working in a bookshop at age 10 is adorable
  • Reddit expats talked about what’s still weird to them in their new country
  • Gummy bear layer cake looks so cool! Hopefully it’s just as yummy
  • How 22 different countries take their tea

Love always,

5 thoughts on “Inspiration 3.2.15

  1. Happy belated birthday!! Both cakes looked delicious! Hopefully the sunshine starts coming your way soon too! I love that you have an obsession with tortoises and you get one each year, its the same with elephants for me!

    I also really agree with that hot date story! If only it were that simple to view things as hot dates. Hell we’d all be so accomplished by now!!

    • Thank you! 🙂 Unfortunately we were buried in six inches of snow today. Clearly winter hasn’t realized it’s March yet. Ah, elephants are the best! They’re my favorite after tortoises. Such wise and kind creatures.

      Right? That’s what we have to do. “Ah, man, got a hot date with doing my taxes, hellllll yeah!”

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