Inspiration 3.10.15

Happy Tuesday! What happened last week? I spent time with my friends on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… I feel so lucky! It’s been hard being all bundled away for the winter, so this weekend felt like a rebirth. We all survived another winter!

Saturday, we had a belated birthday party at a speakeasy in the city, which ended up getting relocated to a really lovely Irish bar, where we had the entire upstairs almost to ourselves. We dressed in sparkly flapper swag. I learned that despite being a lightweight since college, I can still take the odd shot (success?). Eight of us crashed in one hotel room for the night, and Sunday was spent recovering with brunch and movies… and four consecutive episodes of Orphan Black. My fave.

Being dapper darlings and bringing the 1920's a century forward!

Being dapper darlings and bringing the 1920’s a century forward!

Here’s to warmer weather and longer days, and more opportunities to see all of my favorite people in this world. And, here are our links!

  1. Speaking of friends, I love these 14 ways to show them some appreciation
  2. What’s it like to grow up in Greenland?
  3. This playlist based on the Mara Dyer trilogy is awesome
  4. Feeling unproductive? Here are 25 meaningful things you can do in 30 minutes or less
  5. Need a cheap place to live in Japan? Buying a haunted house will knock down the price
  6. Twenty-five brilliant maps that explain the English language
  7. Even the most famous of women have had to overcome insecurity

Have a cheery, sunny week and ditch your winter parkas!

Love always,


7 thoughts on “Inspiration 3.10.15

  1. Your weekend sounds like it was a ton of fun! And a nice escape to bring on Spring! Awesome links this week! I was happy to find out I already do a lot on the 14 ways to show your friends appreciation. Which is great, but then I also didn’t get too many ideas either haha. I also cannot imagine going up in Greenland. Such a different place!

      • Oh this is so interesting! Very ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, if you’ve ever seen that movie! Hmmm. I don’t know if I could erase my memories… who really are we without them? If something truly terrible happened to me, I suppose I might change my mind

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking. Who are you without your memories? My worst memories have made me who I am today and I wouldn’t be myself without them. But given my terrible isn’t as terrible as others. My fear would be changing those memories of people who have gone to war and having a positive image to make war more appealing. You know?

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