Inspiration 3.17.15

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Last year for St. Patrick’s Day, my bestie and I were having green beer on a rainy day in EPCOT. Okay, she was having the beer. Holiday or no, I’m still allergic. This year, we’re celebrating a bit more locally, but it will still be fun! As an Irish-descended person, I am always happy to honor parts of my heritage. This week, I wrote a post on BiblioSmiles about Irish-related books, so we’re all about the shamrocks over there as well!

Sunday, I attended the regional Scholastic Writing Awards ceremony, which my company adjudicated and hosted. It was so amazing to see these young writers come together to celebrate their achievements. Lèna Roy, the fabulous northern NYC metro branch manager of Writopia Lab, wrote about it on her blog.

What else? The sun is staying with us a little longer every day, and despite there still being snow on the ground, spring can’t be too far away.

Here are some links, while we wear t-shirts anyway and hope the world warms up through our sheer willpower.

  • One of my favorite authors passed away last week, Sir Terry Pratchett. Take a look at some of his best quotes to understand why he was so brilliant
  • Gluten free kolaches! What are kolaches? Czech pastries with a cream cheese filling and streusel topping. Yum!
  • Speaking of foreign foods, this list of Norwegian foods to try is exciting. I like the tagline, ‘it looks a lot scarier than it tastes!’
  • Why fitness, and life, should have a ‘choose your own adventure‘ mentality. Don’t get trapped by yours or others’ perceptions of yourself
  • This gorgeous wedding is right out of a Tolkien novel, mixed with Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • What happens when a cisgender, hetero man wears makeup to his office for a week?
  • This Christian woman challenged herself to wear a hijab for Lent this year. Her results so far are surprising and inspiring

Have a dazzling, dreamy, decadent week!

Love always,


6 thoughts on “Inspiration 3.17.15

  1. Awesome links this week! I’m glad you had a great St Patrick’s Day! Although EPCOT seems epic for it! I love the fitness article, especially since it relates it to Harry Potter, that’s awesome haha and the cisgender experiment is amazing. Props to him for doing that for an entire week.

    • Thank you! EPCOT really was fun–It’s pretty adorable how Disney manages to put their own spin on holidays. When I was little, I wanted to honeymoon in Disney haha, I was so enamored with the magic of the place.

      • I’ve only been to Epcot, but I’ve heard Disney is so magical. I need to go there! I’ve also heard of honeymoon there and how beautiful they are!

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