Inspiration 3.31.15

A jolly Tuesday to everyone! Last week, I celebrated the birthday of not one, not two, but three friends! All you lovely darlings rock. Keep doing you. It’s crazy that tomorrow is April. To think, this week we’re already dyeing eggs and stuffing our faces with chocolate bunnies. It makes me feel like I’m time-traveling sometimes. What comes to my mind is the quote, “The days are long but the years are short”. Blink and you’ll miss them.

Here are some links I found in my recent, never-ending internet travels:

Have a exquisite, extravagant, elegant week!

Love always,


2 thoughts on “Inspiration 3.31.15

  1. The days are definitely long and the years are definitely short. Thinking about where I was last year at this exact time is absolutely insane and who knows where we will be this time in 2016? Most likely not where we think we will be!

    I love the article about parenting. Its so true with Americans wanting to do everything they can. But everyone does things differently. Even as being an au pair, its like parenting 101, but not just with my own family, but talking to other au pairs about how their families they work with raise their children. There’s so many different ways and we all fear we won’t do it right.

    • Right? It’s crazy how much changes in a year. And as to the parenting, I suppose it’s like anything in life. No one knows what they’re doing–we’re all winging it. But it is interesting to see the different cultural norms!

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