Although this is my main stomping ground these days for my incessant blathering, I do write for some other pretty awesome sites. Here is a curation of the majority of my writing.

This literary blog is dedicated to celebrating lives full of reading. From book reviews, to personal essays, interviews, and musings about reading life, BiblioSmiles is my favorite place to ramble about the written word.

Literary Crush: Sara Teasdale
Books For Your Sign
Review: The Annihilation of Foreverland
BookBub: Bargain Books in Your Email
Why Do You Read?
Review: The Invention of Wings
Interview with the Reader: Quoted-Books
Summer Book Challenge 2014
BookCon: Childrens’ Author Panel Recap
Review: Every Day by David Levithan
Geeking Out in Your Favorite Literary Universe
Review: If I Stay by Gayle Foreman 
Get Reading, Couch Potatoes: Books on Telly
Names in Literature
Review: Lilith’s Brood – The Xenogenesis Series
Life Changing Literature
Review: The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
What’s Don Draper Reading?
Fit More Reading Into Your Life
Revisiting Reads: The Janie Johnson Series
Literary Swag
Books That Started It All
Review: The Kane Chronicles
Literary Spirit Animals
Reading Adventures: Library Way in NYC
Ink Addiction: The World of Lit Tattoos
Create a “Book-It” List

Her Campus
A site run by 230+ different colleges coming together, Her Campus describes themselves as a ‘collegiette’s guide to life’. Featuring articles about style, beauty, health, love, life, and career, Her Campus is great for navigating the transition from high school to college for any young woman.

Purchase, Then and Now
Facing the Mirror, Part I
Take Care of Your Ladies for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Freshman Guide to White Plains
Hungry to Live: An interview on life after an eating disorder
Need a Friend? There’s an online service for that!
More Caffeine than You Could EVER Imagine
Ring in the New Year… Again! Celebrate Chinese New Year
Prayer at Purchase: Inside the “Ignored” Christian Fusion Fellowship
The Most Romantic Off-Campus Locations (in Westchester)
Living the High Life, or, Trying to: Your Guide to Renting in Westchester
In the Pink at the NYC Cherry Blossom Festival
Taking Back Their Voices, Taking Back the Night
Playing with Puppies: The Ultimate Cure for Midterm Blues
Purchase Stands with Planned Parenthood
Ranting with Caroline Percello

Huffington Post
SUNY Purchase Students Find Creative Ways to Give Back


6 thoughts on “Publishings

  1. I just came across your blog and I love it. I also just noticed that you went to SUNY Purchase. I was a journalism major there for about a year and a half. Did you finish your degree with Purchase?

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