Inspiration 3.31.15

A jolly Tuesday to everyone! Last week, I celebrated the birthday of not one, not two, but three friends! All you lovely darlings rock. Keep doing you. It’s crazy that tomorrow is April. To think, this week we’re already dyeing eggs and stuffing our faces with chocolate bunnies. It makes me feel like I’m time-traveling sometimes. What comes to my mind is the quote, “The days are long but the years are short”. Blink and you’ll miss them.

Here are some links I found in my recent, never-ending internet travels:

Have a exquisite, extravagant, elegant week!

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Inspiration 3.17.15

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Last year for St. Patrick’s Day, my bestie and I were having green beer on a rainy day in EPCOT. Okay, she was having the beer. Holiday or no, I’m still allergic. This year, we’re celebrating a bit more locally, but it will still be fun! As an Irish-descended person, I am always happy to honor parts of my heritage. This week, I wrote a post on BiblioSmiles about Irish-related books, so we’re all about the shamrocks over there as well!

Sunday, I attended the regional Scholastic Writing Awards ceremony, which my company adjudicated and hosted. It was so amazing to see these young writers come together to celebrate their achievements. Lèna Roy, the fabulous northern NYC metro branch manager of Writopia Lab, wrote about it on her blog.

What else? The sun is staying with us a little longer every day, and despite there still being snow on the ground, spring can’t be too far away.

Here are some links, while we wear t-shirts anyway and hope the world warms up through our sheer willpower.

  • One of my favorite authors passed away last week, Sir Terry Pratchett. Take a look at some of his best quotes to understand why he was so brilliant
  • Gluten free kolaches! What are kolaches? Czech pastries with a cream cheese filling and streusel topping. Yum!
  • Speaking of foreign foods, this list of Norwegian foods to try is exciting. I like the tagline, ‘it looks a lot scarier than it tastes!’
  • Why fitness, and life, should have a ‘choose your own adventure‘ mentality. Don’t get trapped by yours or others’ perceptions of yourself
  • This gorgeous wedding is right out of a Tolkien novel, mixed with Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • What happens when a cisgender, hetero man wears makeup to his office for a week?
  • This Christian woman challenged herself to wear a hijab for Lent this year. Her results so far are surprising and inspiring

Have a dazzling, dreamy, decadent week!

Love always,

Inspiration 3.10.15

Happy Tuesday! What happened last week? I spent time with my friends on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… I feel so lucky! It’s been hard being all bundled away for the winter, so this weekend felt like a rebirth. We all survived another winter!

Saturday, we had a belated birthday party at a speakeasy in the city, which ended up getting relocated to a really lovely Irish bar, where we had the entire upstairs almost to ourselves. We dressed in sparkly flapper swag. I learned that despite being a lightweight since college, I can still take the odd shot (success?). Eight of us crashed in one hotel room for the night, and Sunday was spent recovering with brunch and movies… and four consecutive episodes of Orphan Black. My fave.

Being dapper darlings and bringing the 1920's a century forward!

Being dapper darlings and bringing the 1920’s a century forward!

Here’s to warmer weather and longer days, and more opportunities to see all of my favorite people in this world. And, here are our links!

  1. Speaking of friends, I love these 14 ways to show them some appreciation
  2. What’s it like to grow up in Greenland?
  3. This playlist based on the Mara Dyer trilogy is awesome
  4. Feeling unproductive? Here are 25 meaningful things you can do in 30 minutes or less
  5. Need a cheap place to live in Japan? Buying a haunted house will knock down the price
  6. Twenty-five brilliant maps that explain the English language
  7. Even the most famous of women have had to overcome insecurity

Have a cheery, sunny week and ditch your winter parkas!

Love always,

Inspiration 3.2.15

Happy March greetings! Hopefully before too long, we’ll be seeing more of the lamb and less of the lion. Hm, what happened last week? Well. It was my 24th birthday. Which means I entered high school TEN years ago. Ahhh. Meanwhile I still feel 14 on the inside half the time!

Regardless of my internal vs. eternal age, I had a lovely birthday! My family went out for sushi after work, where we’re friends with the owner and as I was leaving, he plucked a rose from one of the vases for me. When it came time for birthday cake, my family indulged in an ice cream cake. I, however, had a beautiful concoction crafted from fruit alone! Yum! And, of course, no birthday/holiday in my life is now complete without a tortoise. And my amazing aunt sent me a stone-carved pink one. So adorable!



Sometimes, I forget just how many wonderful people I have in my life. But the birthday wishes that flooded my social media and phone, reminded me that there are so many amazing, compassionate, terrific friends and family that I’m lucky to know. Shoutouts to all of them.

Here are some links to get us through the blustery first week of March!

  • Blue and black? Or white and gold? No matter which you picked, the Amazon reviews of the dress that sparked an uproar are hilarious
  • Your life is a hot date. Show up for it
  • Have any enemies? Sending them a glitter bomb is now a perfect way to exact revenge
  • I love reading about kids being entrepreneurial and this story of working in a bookshop at age 10 is adorable
  • Reddit expats talked about what’s still weird to them in their new country
  • Gummy bear layer cake looks so cool! Hopefully it’s just as yummy
  • How 22 different countries take their tea

Love always,

Inspiration 02.22.15

Happy weekend! I had a tremendous week, getting to see Neil Gaiman and Daniel Handler speak in Brooklyn. I also had the joy of getting to catch up with two of my journalism professors, whom I still love and adore. Plus, Thursday was Chinese New Year. And guess what, it’s my year! Year of the Ram, represent!

Today, I’m venturing into the city for the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown. It’s my first time going, but if I’m going to go, it might as well be my animal’s year! Plus… it’s rumored to be warm. After the crazy polar vortex, 40 degrees is positively balmy.

Here are some links for the week ahead!

Have a fantastic week.

Love always,

Inspiration 02.15.15

Another Sunday, another round of links! This week, I caught up with some of my favorite people and had a total deja vu moment as we sipped coffee in our old stomping grounds. Several of the kids I work with gave me Valentines. I’ve also recently been shown the web series, RWBY, which is totally incredible and a perfect combination of Final Fantasy meets a Joss Whedon-esque cast of kickbutt girl heroes (and villains!).

Here are some fun reads for tomorrow’s morning coffee.

Have a amorous, amazing week.

Love always,

Inspiration 02.08.15

February is seriously showing off this year. I thought January was supposed to be the cold one, but February is ruffling its frosty feathers and channeling its inner Elsa. In other news, this has been the week of insanity. My car got stuck in the snow twice, there were mishaps at one of the offices, the horrific train tragedy, and lots of other miscommunications and upsets. I’m tempted to make a Mercury in retrograde comment.

Still, there’s good times to be had too. Indulging in Valentine’s chocolates, catching up on the Oscar nominations, endless cups of tea, and having impromptu dance parties in your room. That last one might be just me.

Here are some lovely links for your weekend.

Have an absolutely charming, perfect week.

Love always,