Sushi Fridays

So life can’t be CRAZY EXTREME ADVENTURE all the time. I don’t think so at least. I’m sure there’s a 1% somewhere who is going sky-diving one day, climbing Mt. Everest the next, then wrassling sharks with lazor beams on their heads for dessert.

Yeaaaah. Not the other 99% of us. But I love finding everyday adventures, whether it’s a impromptu trip to our favorite out-of-the-way smoothie shop, going on a run and taking roads I’ve never explored, or even just acting like a tourist and doing things I should’ve done years ago.

One of my favorite adventures (and somewhat of a tradition now) is trying a new sushi restaurant every week or so with a few of my friends. They started the tradition on their own and I’ve sort of glommed on. It’s a pretty delicious adventure.


And I mean, I especially benefit because sushi is generally gluten free! Win!

(Though fun fact, I ate California rolls for ages after being diagnosed with celiac, because I didn’t realize the imitation crab was full of gluten and thus out to kill me)

We’ve gone pretty hardcore dorky with this hobby. We even have a Google spreadsheet we share with each other, where we rate restaurants on very important things: ambience, price, food, and of course, the quality of the miso soup.

There’s a section for comments too, which was meant to talk about specific dishes, but has devolved to our comments about weird things at the restaurants. Such as, ‘families with mail-order brides here’, ‘children eat here by themselves’, ‘drunk, creepy man pawing at woman in pink pantsuit’. We’re nothing if not honest.

The furthest we’ve gone for sushi together is Massachusetts, though only because we were there for a wedding. Still, we’re traversing the county and surrounding areas that we’ve spent the majority of our lives in.

Maybe it’s not the most exciting thing to that 1% skydiving, mountain-climbing, shark wrassler. But I love reconnecting with my friends after a week, and going somewhere new. It’s our version of a weekly family dinner, except… sushi.

One of my favorite things in college was the ‘family dinners’ my roommates and I occasionally had, or meeting up at Starbucks and chatting away for hours. We were in Starbucks nearly every day. Sometimes… three times a day, no shame. Thank goodness they took my meal plan.

So now I get to repeat those mini-adventures again. I love sushi, I love my friends, I love car rides and seeing new places. So it’s win-win-win.

We do branch out to other cuisines too–smoothies (totally their own food group), tacos, and whatever strikes our curiosity. I’m sure once we have our own places, we’ll cook more too, and I look forward to future potluck dinners. That’ll be the next tradition!

Love always,


Accomplished! Visit London, sushi conveyor belt, Indian food and more!


Cheers from London!

Jes and I have hopped over from the endless daylight of Reykjavik to the posh metropolis of London.

We got in Friday night. Wearied and ravenous we made our way to our hostel only to hear they had messed up our reservation for a 4-person room and had split us up and put one of us in a 8 mixed gender person room. They said the best they could do was to put us together in the 8 person and that there were no smaller rooms or private rooms available. They offered to give us some breakfast vouchers… But I’m allergic to 97.9% of all breakfast foods… So.

So we left, speedily booking a hotel for the night. The hostel really wasn’t a nice place unfortunately. It was abrasively garish and loud, with surprisingly large groups of children running amok screaming. The rooms weren’t terrible but it had uncomfortable vibes. That and that they had barely feigned apologetic at their mistake. And when we told them we had to make other arrangements, they backtracked and told us they did have private rooms after all, on reserve! What! And then they refused to refund us for that night, even though they said it was their fault because of their renovations and glitchy computers.

So we’ll be calling and emailing the higher ups, and I do feel bad having to give them a poor review for the unpleasantries.

Anyway, Jes and I will be moving to somewhere better suited. Hopefully. I miss our last hostel already!

Friday, before we left Reykjavik, we had our final sights to see, like the Hallgrimskirkja church and the Perlan, both of which are beautiful architectural wonders. I miss Iceland and the amazing friends we met there. It was a tremendously good way to start our journey and such an experience overall.

London was off to a rocky start, but we woke up and navigated our way to the underground. Both Jes and I felt more at home being in a big bustling city. The tube was quite similar to our own subway system. We went to the Science Museum and then walked the length of Hyde Park. We made wishes next to the Princess Diana memorial fountain and got swarmed by pigeons, seagulls, geese, swans, and the odd blue heron that were vying for chunks of stale bread.

Taking the tube back to King’s Cross, we got our pictures taken at Platform 9 and 3/4 and it was AMAZING. They give you scarves to wear and hold up the scarves to show them fluttering up like you’re going into the wall.

We were going to do a pub crawl but ended up going to this place Yo! Sushi which had a sushi conveyor belt which I’ve always wanted to experience! Yay, another bucket list item done!

Then we went to Piccadilly Circus, which was incredible and basically Times Square in London. And we saw the movie Stuck in Love. I cried. A lot. I thought it was going to be pretty hit-or-miss but it was so poignant and heart achingly beautiful. So so so amazed. A lot of movies and shows are rubbish (see the Brits affecting me already?) but this one was food for the soul.


And London is really, really lovely. Today we went to the Tower of London. SO AMAZING! In high school, I had a fascination with Anne Boleyn and then English history of that time period, so my inner fan girl was so delighted! We didn’t go inside, but instead took a ferry across the Thames (more fan-girling!) to the Globe Theatre. We took a tour inside and saw Macbeth being rehearsed… A very exciting scene between Macbeth and the witches!

For dinner we met up with our hometown friend Jason, who is doing a college program here in London for six weeks. J-Ro! I’ve missed him! Together the three of us crossed off another bucket list item – try Indian food! And the next best place after India to try Indian food is definitely London! We went to this place called Namaaste Kitchen. They had a GF menu, and ahhh the food was so fresh and yummy. I’m about to burst with all the spicy goodness.

So that is London this far! Lots of fun and running around and being surrounded by ancient architecture saturated by centuries and centuries of history.